Our Story

While serving at my church The Journey, a man caught my eye who was clearly moved by the gathering. I tried to catch him on his way out to talk to him, but I wasn't able to. On my way home I saw him and a friend on the side of the road. I found out they were homeless and just trying to get back on their feet. We prayed with them and  a few hours later we were back with food and necessities.


A few weeks later I met with the Code Red Director (Outreach ministry) at my church and I told her about this idea of a garden where we would feed those who needed it most. The first try at the garden no one joined my group and all of our crops failed. I wanted to give up on the group, but knew I owed it to myself and The Journey to make this work. The following semester we worked on growing and harvesting winter vegetables, some in the gardens and some from my basement with grow lights.


By the following January we held our first dinner. I was on fire and loved what I saw and how many people we were able to help. After a few dinners I was approached by someone in my church asking if I was ready to take this to the next level. I felt I wasn't ready and I had nothing really to offer.


A few weeks later I kept having dreams and thoughts about what taking to the next level would mean. I tried to push back on the ideas, but God had other plans. In April of 2017 I was able to involve volunteers from my current job in a feeding at one of the local community centers. At that dinner we provided over 175 meals, and they ended up donating over $2000 to our community, and then again repeated this in October. I was at the busiest time in my career, just got a new account and was traveling every week and I woke up one morning and said. Okay God, I'm ready to do this thing!

Our Beginning...

I started P2F for many reasons. But the main reason was because I felt God was telling me to do something different and make an impact. Through one of the darkest times of my life He showed me how blessed I am. How He would use me to make a difference in my community to educate people on the hunger gaps that unfortunately exist right in our back yard. Planting to Feed Inc. would not exist if not for God, The Journey Church, Planting to Feed J-Group, and the many selfless volunteers. Thank you to those who have supported us since the beginning and continue to support us everyday!